Go Ahead and Jump (22 Jump Street, 2014)

22_Jump_Street_PosterAfter the success of the first film, a second was pretty much inevitable.  And so Jenko and Schmidt are on a new mission that goes hilariously awry.  This leads into the running gag of the film.

Sequels are soulless cash grabs, which admittedly, they often are.  Here, they are told they screwed up the mission and it was just to different.  They are sent to the new Jumpstreet.  22 Jump Street to be exact.  It has a bigger budget, is in a new location and so on.  Same boss, Captain Dickson (Ice Cube) with the same attitude.

They send the boys on a new undercover job at a college to bust a drug ring…you know…like the first movie.

The end result is a movie that manages to live up to it’s successor.  What really works, yet again, is the chemistry of Tatum and Hill’s characters.  As college relationships seem to pull them apart, they start to fail at their mission.  It is only their realization that it is their differences that make them a great team that they can solve the mysteries of the drug ring.

Schmidt meets a girl, Jenko meets a boy and friendships drift apart.  There is a gay subtext to the relationship of Schmidt and Jenko, but surprisingly, it is not of the “Eeee!” kind of attitude so frequent in “bro-comedies”.    There is even a brief scene were Jenko expresses remorse upon realizing how many gay slurs he used to use in high school.

I was skeptical when they announced the first film…by the end of the second one, I was more than willing for another round.

The end credits are must watch.  I was in tears with the running gag of the endless sequels and merchandising.  Though, the fact that there is a 21 Jump Street/Men in Black crossover makes the gag a bit ironic.

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