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Super Cops II (Bad Boys II, 2003)

The Boys are back. The bickering couple stuff returns.  The hot babes as props returns.  The Gay subtext of the relationship of Lowrey and Burnett is here again. The fast and confusing visuals are back. Honestly, I found the second Bad Boys film painfully… Continue Reading “Super Cops II (Bad Boys II, 2003)”

Rules of Survival (The Lost World: Jurassic Park, 1997)

The Success of Jurassic Park made a sequel pretty inevitable, but Spielberg took time to craft a new adventure, rather than rush out something that just met the obligatory requirements of a sequel. This film focuses on a second island…the real labs of InGen.… Continue Reading “Rules of Survival (The Lost World: Jurassic Park, 1997)”

Loss of Identity (Bruiser, 2000)

Romero wrote and directed this exploration of identity and what a person is willing to do if they lose any sense of it. Henry Creedlow is a pushover.  His wife is cheating on him, his boss treats him like garbage.  At a work party,… Continue Reading “Loss of Identity (Bruiser, 2000)”

Go Ahead and Jump (22 Jump Street, 2014)

After the success of the first film, a second was pretty much inevitable.  And so Jenko and Schmidt are on a new mission that goes hilariously awry.  This leads into the running gag of the film. Sequels are soulless cash grabs, which admittedly, they… Continue Reading “Go Ahead and Jump (22 Jump Street, 2014)”

Clowning Around (Clown,2014)

There have been many horror films that mine the scariness of clowns.  Jon Watts (Cop Car, Spider-Man: Homecoming) tries to find new ground.  And in some respects, he does.  Let me begin by saying, if your greatest fear is that a clown will devour… Continue Reading “Clowning Around (Clown,2014)”