Something Is Off (Get Out, 2017)

get_out_posterGet Out is about a young photographer named Chris meeting his girlfriend Rose’s parents for the first time.  He is a bit nervous that they might be upset that their daughter is dating a black man.  When they arrive, he finds that there is something a bit…off.  Her parents are white progressives, who would have voted for Obama for a third term if they could.  The only black people he meets seem to be in a daze.

The white people in town offer casual racism, except they seem to believe they are being positive in their objectification.  I cannot really say more without ruining the film.  Directed by Jordan Peele of Key & Peele.  I admit, I was surprised that a skilled comic making his directorial debut has made a terrific and tense thriller.

Peele has recommended seeing this in the theaters with an audience, and he is right.  This film is meant to be seen with a group.  It would be incorrect to call this a horror movie, it is a excellent thriller.  Peele knows how to use tropes of the genre without making them feel like tropes.  The film has light moments, mainly provided by LilRel Howery as Chris’ friend (and dedicated TSA agent).  Everybody turns in great performances, with the film having a creepy vibe that grows throughout the film.

Get Out is a terrific film worth checking out while it is still in theaters.

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