Tag: Stephen Root

Hot News (Bombshell, 2019)

Bombshell is the dramatic recounting of the harassment scandal surrounding Fox News top guy Roger Ailes in 2016. Focusing on a wide eyed new Fox News employee Kayla Pospisil. An ambitious Conservative Christian, she finds her reality challenged as she starts to rise through… Continue Reading “Hot News (Bombshell, 2019)”

Back On Your Feet (Life of the Party, 2018)

On the day that they drop off their daughter for her senior year of college, Dan announces to Deanna that he has been cheating on her with another woman and wants a divorce. Broken hearted, Deanna decides to rectify her one big regret in… Continue Reading “Back On Your Feet (Life of the Party, 2018)”

Monkey Business (Monkey Shines, 1988)

Based on a novel by Michael Stewart, Monkey Shines is the tale of a quadriplegic man who given an enhanced monkey as his helper.  Allen is an athlete who is left wheelchair-bound after a terrible accident.  Initially, he is stuck with a rather unsympathetic nurse… Continue Reading “Monkey Business (Monkey Shines, 1988)”

Wedding Crashing (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, 2016)

Mike and Dave are brothers who party hard…so hard that their family is frustrated at how they ruin every even.  To be allowed at their sister’s wedding, they are required to bring respectable dates.  Mike and Dave get the idea to go on TV… Continue Reading “Wedding Crashing (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates, 2016)”

Something Is Off (Get Out, 2017)

Get Out is about a young photographer named Chris meeting his girlfriend Rose’s parents for the first time.  He is a bit nervous that they might be upset that their daughter is dating a black man.  When they arrive, he finds that there is… Continue Reading “Something Is Off (Get Out, 2017)”