Dial-A-Danger (Dial M For Murder, 1954)

dial-m-for-murder-posterBased on a stage-play, Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder is a tense tale of murder and deception…gone wrong.

Grace Kelly plays Margot Wendice, a rich socialite married to former tennis super-star Tony Wendice (Ray Milland).  Robert Cummings is Margot’s former lover.  What follows is an attempt at revenge that unfolds in ways even it’s plotter did not expect.

The film opens rather playfully, giving no hint of the drama yet to play out.  Hitchcock focuses on dialogue in this film, rather than shocks and scares.  Milland is perfectly cast as the duplicitous husband.  The lovely Grace Kelly is, on one hand the adulterous wife, and yet devoted.  Her reason for ending her relationship with Mark was a change made by Tony in their life.  But we discover Tony to have ulterior and dangerous motives.

The verbal game of cat and mouse is excellently executed even though we are given information about Tony’s goals almost with the first twenty moments.  The thriller aspect comes from wondering if Tony will escape justice.

This film is a terrific and simple film that draws a viewer in.

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