Fear of Santa Claus Pt 9 (Don’t Open Til Christmas, 1984)

dont_open_posterThe same year we got Silent Night Deadly Night, we got Don’t Open Til Christmas.  Unlike all the films we have seen here so far, this British film is not about a killer Santa.  It is about a killer of Santas.

Basically, anyone in a Santa suit is a target.  Every now and then, the killer strikes in some gruesome way…but the majority of the film is the police investigation and the daily life of one of the victims’ daughter.  And these moments are painfully slow.

It is real simple.  If your slasher film is painfully boring?  You messed up.  And boy is this film boring.  Even the lead up to the attacks lack any tension.  You see a Santa and the guy in the mask is going to kill him.  We never get to know any of the Santas, making it hard to connect with the film’s intended victims.  The killer is not going after the people we know in the film.

This is one dull affair, and if you need to fall asleep on Christmas Eve?  This might do the trick.

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