Tripping Through Gateways


While at sea, Sinbad happens upon a golden tablet that he decides to wear as an amulet. During the night, his ship is hit with a storm and Sinbad has a dream of a man dressed in black and a beautiful woman.  He and his crew find themselves near Marabia.  There he is met by a man who wants the amulet.  After a chase, Sinbad meets the Grand Vizier who wears a… Read More

The same year we got Silent Night Deadly Night, we got Don’t Open Til Christmas.  Unlike all the films we have seen here so far, this British film is not about a killer Santa.  It is about a killer of Santas. Basically, anyone in a Santa suit is a target.  Every now and then, the killer strikes in some gruesome way…but the majority of the film is the police investigation and the… Read More