In the End Pt 5 (Final Destination 5, 2011)

final_destination_5_posterSo, The Final Destination was not the end.  Final Destination 5 tells us the story of Sam who is on his way to to a work retreat.  He has a vision of the bridge collapsing and almost everyone on their bus dying.  So he gets off the bus and a lot of his co-workers follow, as they are nearing the end of the bridge, the collapse starts.

What follows is the same basic plot of all the films.  Sam figures out the patterns, a few of the characters try and prevent the inevitable.  The film brings back Tony Todd, who shows up to be cryptic, but introduces a new concept.  If you kill a person who was not supposed to die for a long time, you get their years.  The film is the first where the characters do not rely on stories about flight 180 t fill in the blanks.


The deaths are pretty elaborate and the characters are mostly sympathetic in this film, making their demise less of a comeuppance.  As usual there are a couple especially memorable deaths, one involving eye laser surgery gone horribly wrong and one gymnastics themed death.

The film is a bit better than the previous two installments and it has a really good twist ending.

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