Tripping Through Gateways


Kari Wurher returns as American Allison, who is apparently a grad student, (Wurher is nearly fifty, so…progress?) is the protector of the Lexicon.  The Mysterious Stark has hired Dylan to kill Allison because heaven does not want the new information in the Lexicon to reach human eyes. Dylan ends up helping Allison attempt to avoid death…and she also enlists the help of Satan again. So…um, this film did not interest me much… Read More

Hell Fest is the story of some college friends who go to one of those Horror Theme Parks and find themselves stalked by a serial killer. This has been done before, but this film plays it straight. This is not a tongue in cheek thriller. Natalie arrives to visit her best friend Brooke, who informs her they have tickets for Hell Fest, a massive and extremely popular haunted theme park. Shortly after… Read More

So, this movie picks up with Dar continuing on his casually nomadic life.  The evil Lord Agon is trying to gain the power of the demon Braxus.  He is living off the life force of his community and needs the Eye of Braxus to complete the process and gain power and immortality. Dar runs into a family seeking King Tal and conveniently for them, Tal is Dar’s brother. He brings the family… Read More

So, The Final Destination was not the end.  Final Destination 5 tells us the story of Sam who is on his way to to a work retreat.  He has a vision of the bridge collapsing and almost everyone on their bus dying.  So he gets off the bus and a lot of his co-workers follow, as they are nearing the end of the bridge, the collapse starts. What follows is the same… Read More

The first film was successful enough for the studio to produce a sequel.  They hired second unit director David Ellis (who would go on to direct a later installment in the franchise and Snakes on a Plane). Kimberly and her friends are going on a road trip.  While waiting to get on the highway, Kimberly has a vision of a massive and horrific traffic accident.  When she blocks  the exit ramp,  people… Read More

Welcome the the Final Destination Franchise, where a bunch of white people and one black guy try and escape the clutches of death.  This is both a joke and a fact.  There is one (sometimes two-one is almost always a police officer/FBI guy) black guy per movie. Anyways, the film tells the story of Alex and his classmates who are going on a class trip to France.  While sitting on the plane,… Read More

Candyman picks up a couple of decades after the second film, where we meet Annie’s grown daughter Caroline (Baywatch actress Donna D’Errico) living in Los Angeles.  She is running an art gallery and allowing her friend to do a theme around her great, great grandfather.  She is frustrated that he chooses to focus on the legend of Candyman. During the show, Caroline calls out to Candyman Five times, apparently, causing him to… Read More

Bill Condon (God’s and Monsters, Mr. Holmes, the upcoming Beauty & The Beast) took over the franchise with Farewell to the Flesh.  The setting moves from  Chicago to New Orleans just before Mardi Gras, and focuses on a young teacher Annie and her family.  Her father died the year before in what appeared to be a Candyman Murder.  Her brother gets in trouble when he threatens an author who wrote a book… Read More

Based on a short story by Clive Barker called the Forbidden, Candyman is a film about urban legends.  Helen Lyle (Virginia Madsen) is a grad student who is doing a thesis on urban legends.  She discovers a legend within the tenements of Cabrini-Green of the Candyman.  Borrowing from the famous Bloody Mary, the belief is that if you look in a mirror and say his name five times, Candyman appears behind you… Read More