Web of Doom (Unfriended: Dark Web, 2018)

unfriended_dark_web_posterIn the first film, a vengeful spirit killed a group of friends via Facebook. It was a sort of clever concept. In this low budget sequel, things are a little different.

A bunch of friends are in an online skype session when Matias confesses his new laptop was in the lost and found.  After discovering a collection of videos of people being tortured, they are contacted by the owner who wants it back.

One by one the friends are picked off as they realize they are not dealing with one guy, they are dealing with a group.  The gimmick of the entire series where it all plays out on a computer screen is pretty effective in building suspense.  But I must say…the film is just…bleak. At no point does the film even pretend there is a chance for the friends to “beat the system” so to speak.

I also found it a bit confusing.  The film does not portray the threat as supernatural, but whenever one of the Dark Web Guys appear on screen? they look all distorted and pixellated, while the rest of the image is pretty much fine. Are they just doing some special hacker thing?

The film is just dark and depressive…and I am kind of wishing for a bit more hope in my horror lately.

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