Next Level (The Vatican Tapes, 2015)

The_Vatican_Tapes_PosterI gotta admit…I kind of thought this was a found footage film. Turns out it is not.

Angela Holmes seems to be a regular young woman. She and her husband seem to have a happy life, she has a father who feels nobody is good enough for his daughter. But then mysterious and fatal events occur around Angela. Father Lozano, a former military man turned priest becomes intertwined with their lives. While doctors try and find a natural phenomenon, Lozano suspects it may  be more.

After an incident with a mental health facility, she is put into the hands of the church.  And Exorcist is brought in to set Angela free. But things turn out to be far worse than they ever imagined, and their failure could doom the world.

The Vatican Tapes are a blend of your standard possession film with a slight twist into another genre of religious horror.

The performances are good, and I especially like Péna as father Lozano. The Vatican Tapes was better than I expected, but is never all that scary. Even the exorcism feels more like an action movie.  But I was entertained.

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