The Takeover (The Possession, 2012)

the_Possession_PosterSo, Negan is in a failing marriage and trying to hold it all together and simply be a good dad to his two daughters. When his younger daughter finds an old box at a yard sale, they bring it home. They find they cannot open the box at first, but then the young girl manages to get it open.

as time passes, she becomes obsessed with the box, which makes her appear more and more anti-social.  Negan finds the blame being placed on him, and he searches desperately for an answer so he does not lose access to his children.

Really, the Possession would not stand out much among modern possession films, there are creepy digital effects, face morphing and so on. However, one thing it does have that sets it apart is it’s use of judaism.  The box has Hebrew lettering, and it is tied to Jewish mysticism, and the exorcist in the film is a rabbi.  The film also makes the claim of being a true story…but the over the top effects make it sound as likely as the Conjuring films.

But beyond that stuff, the Possession is not that outstanding. If they had used the typical Christian imagery? I probably would have forgotten the film already.

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