Tripping Through Gateways


So, Negan is in a failing marriage and trying to hold it all together and simply be a good dad to his two daughters. When his younger daughter finds an old box at a yard sale, they bring it home. They find they cannot open the box at first, but then the young girl manages to get it open. as time passes, she becomes obsessed with the box, which makes her appear… Read More

Honestly, I was feeling slightly hesitant bout seeing this film.  For one, the mini-series has a longstanding reputation as being “UN-filmable”due to it’s dense and complex structure.  Certain “commentators” and critics had me wondering if I was about to see a movie that was setting new standards in levels of sex and gore. Seventies Italian Giallo filmmakers have nothing to fear. Countless films crossed these lines long before Watchmen, and so as… Read More