Party with Zachary Levi! (Blood Fest, 2018)

Blood_Fest_PosterAs a child, one of the patients of his father killed Dax’s mother. Dax grew up obsessed with horror movies. He is excited to go to the ultimate horror gathering, Blood Fest.

It all seems awesome when they first arrive…but then Dax and his friends make a horrifying discovery…

The man behind Blood Fest wants to make a real life horror movie…and he has enlisted gamers, psychos and technicians to create monsters and slashers.  All the attendees have to do is abide by the rules and they just might survive. Might.

Dax is a huge horror nerd, of course.  So they use his smarts and formulate a plan get to an access gate just outside of Clowntown.

Blood Fest does not even try and take it’s premise seriously. This helps to make it easier to ignore the goofier elements (like the scientific creations of monsters) and just pretty much go with the flow of the story.

The cast does pretty well here. Jacob Batalon is primarily the comedic relief, but his character Krill is a likable goof.  Robbie Kay and Seychelle Gabriel mesh well together, while Chris Doubek plays the actor embarrassed by his horror icon status humorously and sympathetically.

There are no real scares in the film, but that is fine, it is more a film made out of a goofball love of the genre and that worked really well for me.


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