Tripping Through Gateways


As a child, one of the patients of his father killed Dax’s mother. Dax grew up obsessed with horror movies. He is excited to go to the ultimate horror gathering, Blood Fest. It all seems awesome when they first arrive…but then Dax and his friends make a horrifying discovery… The man behind Blood Fest wants to make a real life horror movie…and he has enlisted gamers, psychos and technicians to create monsters… Read More

The gods of Olympus are celebrating the birth of the son of Zeus and Hera (um…slight change from myth, Disney cannot be seen as endorsing extramarital god flings) Hercules.  Everybody seems happy except brother Hades. Hades attempts to turn Hercules mortal…but is only half successful, forcing Zeus to allow his son to be raised on earth by a poor couple of peasants. Hades is unaware that his plan was unsuccessful, mislead by… Read More