Uncontrollable (The Wild Bunch, 1969)

Wild_Bunch_PosterPike Bishop and his gang are hoping to retire.  They plan a last big score, but are betrayed by ex-partner Deke Thorton.  The last remaining survivors of the gang make the run to Mexico.

Staying in the hometown of gang member Angel, they find the town ruled by the cruel and brutal General Mapache. Their planned heist goes wrong and they run afoul of Mapache.

The over arching theme of the Wild Bunch is the death of the time of Outlaws.  None of our characters are “heroes”.  Holden’s Pike is a man who has lived outside of the law, and has reached a point where he has grown tired of it.  But the reality is, the life of an outlaw is not one that allows you to exit gracefully.

The Wild Bunch is vicious and violent, but also an absolutely memorable western.  Holden turns in a great world weary performance.  He wants out, but getting out is not an easy road.

Visually, Peckinpah and his team built the film around rapid fire edits that combined normal and slow motion footage. This makes for a visually compelling technique.

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