Tripping Through Gateways


Because there was a law that they had to have a leading actress named Lee in the Omen franchise, we got a sequel. Okay…none of that is true.  We did, of course, get a sequel. But to be honest, if there is a story that kind of demands it continue? The Omen was it. Set about eight years after the first film, Damien is being raised by his aunt and uncle. Along… Read More

Pike Bishop and his gang are hoping to retire.  They plan a last big score, but are betrayed by ex-partner Deke Thorton.  The last remaining survivors of the gang make the run to Mexico. Staying in the hometown of gang member Angel, they find the town ruled by the cruel and brutal General Mapache. Their planned heist goes wrong and they run afoul of Mapache. The over arching theme of the Wild… Read More