Up From the Depths (Terror From Beneath the Earth, 2009)

Mihm_Terror_Beneath_Earth_CoverHe is all ears and teeth and he’s from hell! Alice is trying to find her young brother Danny in a local cave network.  Instead, she runs into a mysterious stranger. Alice and Danny’s father Stan runs to the sheriff’s office when his children never return home.  With the help of local Geologist Dr. Edwards, they try and find the children, only to discover a giant mutant bat creature.

The creature is able to paralyze its victims and is collecting our heroes to have as a meal.

As with any 50’s era horror, the monster is the result of science.  In this case, atomic testing is done in the caves.

The sets for this film are very simple.  It is the caverns or the police station.  So, in some ways, this almost resembles a play.  This is the first film in the Mihmiverse to not feature Professor Jackson (or even his son Captain Jackson), but he is represented by his wife, who brings Dr. Edwards the scientific device that will help save the day.

The music in Mihm’s films really evoke the films of the fifties.  It can be overdramatic, sometimes even goofy.  It almost always hits the right tone for the film, and that is true here.

The Bat Monster, as prior monsters, looks a bit slapped together with arts and crafts style.  It has large unblinking eyes and teeth that look a bit like plastic.  In spite of this, there are some nice shots of the creature.  Specifically a full reveal as it steps from the shadows.

Terror From Beneath the Earth carries on the b-movie monster tradition fairly well.  While a bit more serious than It Came From Another World, it still has its moments of fun.

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