Beware The Mannequins (Hell House LLC, 2015)

Hell_House_LLC_PosterNot to be confused with the 2001 documentary Hell House (about a “Hell House” meant to scare people into accepting Jesus), Hell House LLC is a found footage film that follows filmmakers who are investigating horrifying tragedy that left fifteen dead in a Halloween Haunted House tour.  There was only one survivor of the crew and she is now providing the documentarians with access.

As the footage of the haunted house crew progresses, there are incidents where they hear music playing on a piano, they see things move, and typical creepy events.  Each incident seems to get more and more frightening.  It all starts to escalate, leading up to the horror of that Halloween night.

Hell House LLC is a very well done found footage film.  It can be downright unnerving at times, with real jumps and scares.  It uses the cliches like the scary clown to lull the viewer, but then surprise you by just how creepy it all is.  Admittedly, not sure I would have held out as long as they did with the creepy scares, but Hell House LLC is a strong horror film.


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