They Built More Houses (The Houses October Built 2, 2017)

Houses_October_Built_2_PosterThe first film was a found footage horror film about filmmakers exploring “extreme” Halloween Haunts.  They stumble upon some scary folks and the film ended cryptically with the suggestion all were dead.

The sequel explains this away as they were saved due to people calling the police while watching a live feed.  A year later, the film makers are trying to make money promoting horror haunts, but everybody wants the girl from the video feed, Brandy, to appear.  But Brandy wants nothing to do with it.  So, we spend a ridiculously long chunk of the film with the guys going to random funhouses and giving their reviews.  They keep getting recommendations to find Hellbent.

They finally convince Brandy to join them and then it all goes freaky and twist after twist occurs.  And frankly?  It is annoying.  The majority of the film is very boring.  There is a sequence dedicated running a marathon.  We get lots of random drone footage.  Can we stop with the drone footage in found footage films? Please?

The constant twists towards the end gets obnoxious…and frankly ripped off the end of Nerve (which probably ripped off another film…).  This was an unnecessary sequel that simply brings nothing interesting or new to the original film.

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