Bored Housewives (Season of the Witch, 1972)

Season_Of_The_Witch_PosterOriginally made as “Hungry Wives” (which sounds more like some sexploitation film), the title of Season of the Witch was chosen to tie in to the Donavon song of the same name (which is used in the film).  It is also a much more apt title.

Joan Mitchell’s husband is going out of town on business, and while he is gone, she falls under the influence of suburban witches.

Some see this as a feminist work, truthfully, it felt more like a well meaning work that understood cartoonish versions of feminism.  It really is the “Men are Evil, Marriage is Prison” styled feminism you sometime see in right wing parody.

The film does a lot of disorienting “dream vision” which just feels odd.  And the problem is, really…the film is remarkably dull.  Romero has stated it is the one film of his he would have liked to remake.  And I do wonder what an older Romero would have done with it..

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