Home Alone (Night of the Comet, 1984)

night-of-the-comet-posterThe world is abuzz over the arrival of a comet that will come unusually close to the earth.  High schoolers Regina and Samantha are not into it and miss the show.  They awake the next morning to discover that the world has changed.

Apparently, the comet came a little to close…people outside were reduced to dust, while most people indoors are simply disintegrating a bit more slowly, resulting in scary mutants.  Only people, Such as Regina and Samantha, who were protected by certain environments were unaffected.  After meeting up with a guy named Hector, the girls make contact with people who claim they can be of help…hint, they are not decent people.

Night of the Comet is a very teenage take on the whole “Last Person on Earth” concept.  At first, there is little drama, as the girls were miserable putting up with their stepmother.  So they celebrate, raiding a shopping mall.  Of course, this does not last long and soon Regina, Samantha and Hector find themselves trying to escape a dark cabal of scientists.  And it works pretty well.  Catherine Mary Stewart and Kelli Maroney are engaging leads and the film has several great b-movie favorites.

If you start to heavily scrutinize “how stuff breaks down” if there is nobody around to run it, the films tidy ending probably falls apart…but it is a fantasy and it is a fun one.

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