Tripping Through Gateways


Grant, Biscuit and Milo are three young punk rockers who decide to drive cross country to California. But on the way, a gang robs them and kills Milo.  When the police blow them off, Grant is determined to get revenge on the gang. Along the way, Grant meets a young woman who provides he and Biscuit with new outfits and a car. Dudes has never quite been able to get outside it’s… Read More

The world is abuzz over the arrival of a comet that will come unusually close to the earth.  High schoolers Regina and Samantha are not into it and miss the show.  They awake the next morning to discover that the world has changed. Apparently, the comet came a little to close…people outside were reduced to dust, while most people indoors are simply disintegrating a bit more slowly, resulting in scary mutants.  Only… Read More

Alex Rogan is stuck in a dead end life.  He, his mom and little brother live in a run down trailer park.  He wants to take his girl friend Maggie and get out…but the options seem to be dwindling.  His main outlet for his frustrations is a video game called Starfighter. This leads to the most excitement the park has seen when Alex beats the game…but then it is back to real… Read More

The 80s were the heyday for Cannon Films.  Electric Boogaloo is the story of Israeli  cousins Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus.  Their goal?  To make Hollywood Blockbusters.  Things did not quite pan out, in spite of their tries. What we got were schlocky gimmick films and attempts to create trends with their films.  This documentary chronicles the rise and fall of their studio Cannon Films. The film talks to a thorough list… Read More