The Bigger They Come Part 10 (King Kong Lives, 1986)

King-Kong-Lives-PosterA direct sequel to 1976’s remake of King King, we discover that that Kong did not die from being shot up and falling from a tall building.  He merely went comatose.

Linda Hamilton plays a surgeon who was part of a team seeking to save Kong, but they need a blood transfusion before performing a heart transplant and it could only come from another giant ape.  Hamilton tells her boss that they need a miracle.  Queue Miracle as adventurer Brian Kerwin who discovers a giant female ape that is dubbed Lady Kong.

The heart transplant is successful and the two apes get free.  The Kongs run off together and the chase begins.  At least Kong is interested in a lady ape this time around.  The film has the typical adversarial relationship that grows to romance between Hamilton and Kerwin.  It kind of works, because it becomes clear that Kerwin is far less the craven opportunist he initially seems to be and is genuinely interested in protecting King and Lady Kong.

The film is, oddly, less exploitative and campy than the 1976 remake.  It’s tone is actually much more serious.  But this does not really serve the film in anyway.  It never really rises above mediocre.  The ape suits look okay, but this does not make for a good story.  And that is where the film falls flat.  The story becomes an extended “Capture of Kong” story in which he and the lady try and escape the military to make a happy home.

There is a scene ripped off from Jaws where drunk guys get in boats to try and catch Kong.  So, I guess that is something.

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