The Folly of Film-making (Cigarette Burns, 2005)

Cigarette_Burns-CoverIn 2005 Mick Garris created the Masters of Horror for Showtime.  The idea was that well known horror directors would make short horror film (an hour long).  There were two seasons and Carpenter contribute a film to each season.

Norman Reedus (better known as Daryl on the Walking Dead) is Kirby Sweetman, a rare films dealer.  He is hired to locate La Fin Absolue du Monde (French: The Absolute End of the World) a movie shown only once and it caused the audience to go into a homicidal frenzy.

The deeper Sweetman digs into trying to locate the film, the more disturbing things become.  The film featured an act so depraved, it’s evil infects the viewer.


The twists and turns of the tale are well orchestrated by Carpenter.  Visually, it is disturbed and haunted.  It is well cast, including horror veteran Udo Keir is the buyer who hires Reedus.

Cigarette Burns could be an addendum to the Apocalypse trilogy, and it is a strong episode from the Masters of Horror series.  Carpenter feels a top form here, and after Ghosts of Mars, it is good to have him back.

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