Tripping Through Gateways


The Masters of Horror series aired on Showtime.  The Masters of Horror is a gathering of Horror Directors, it is a loose conglomerate of folks in the Horror community started by Mick Garris.  The idea behind the show is various popular horror directors contributing a short horror film (an hour long or so).  Admittedly, some directors were not primarily doing horror at this point (such as Joe Dante, who had not done… Read More

Carpenter’s second contribution to Masters of Horror is a bit more mixed.  For one thing, it makes They Live look subtle and nuanced in it’s politics.  Pro-Life is, unsurprisingly, a horror movie centered around abortion. Angelique is a young pregnant woman seeking an abortion.  She comes from a religious family that protests abortion clinics and uses violent methods.  She arrives at a clinic, but soon her father and brothers show up to… Read More

In 2005 Mick Garris created the Masters of Horror for Showtime.  The idea was that well known horror directors would make short horror film (an hour long).  There were two seasons and Carpenter contribute a film to each season. Norman Reedus (better known as Daryl on the Walking Dead) is Kirby Sweetman, a rare films dealer.  He is hired to locate La Fin Absolue du Monde (French: The Absolute End of the… Read More