Marvel (Studios) Vs DC (Warner Brothers)

So, there has been a fair amount of talk suggesting DC royally kicked Marvel’s butt at the San Diego Comic Con this years when it comes to the movie side of things.  There was this article specifically citing nine ways that DC owned Marvel at SDCC.  While the points are valid, the “nine ways” are really the same one point, repeated nine times.

What is all comes down to is DC brought their A Game.  Marvel did not.  I was not there, so I am trusting the word of people I know who were there.  They were more impressed with DC (and Warner brothers) than Marvel’s contribution.  Marvel has one movie left this year, Doctor Strange.  I am excited for this film, I think it could be a nice and solid expansion into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They had some brief news, one that Kurt Russell is playing the human form of Ego the Living Planet.  The full Cast of Black Panther (which looks like an excellent cast).  They also announced Brie Larson as Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel, Marvel’s first movie focused on a female lead hero.  Which comes out two years after Wonder Woman.  Way to drop that ball.  But the thing is, these announcements are simply confirmations of rumors.  Marvel relied mostly on concept art, rather than exciting new footage.

You see, DC Surprised everyone with brand new footage of Wonder Woman and Justice League.  Footage that got even jaded fans tired out by Man of Steel and Batman V Superman.  People got excited for DC’s cinematic future with actual footage.  Marvel only had footage for Doctor Strange…not one scrap of footage from Guardians of the Galaxy or Thor Ragnarok.  Now, that is understandable…filming just began on July 4th.  Far to close to SDCC to provide anything substantial.  But it would have been cool if Marvel announced their new name for the next Avengers film.  And that they next two were not a two parter.  Instead, they announced this after the con and they did not know what it would be called yet.  They had no footage from Spider-Man homecoming either.

DC’s parent company WB also got people excited with a new trailer for the Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Creatures and Where to Find Them and the first trailer for Kong Island, which looks quite thrilling.  Disney (Marvel’s parent company) brought…well…nothing.  It is pretty hard to say that Marvel did not get owned this years.  They played the same game they always played, and their over confidence appears to have led them to underestimate their competition.  It is to bad, considering how ahead they were, allowing DC to catch up may dampen enthusiasm.

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