Baked Goods Part 2 (American Pie 2, 2001)

American_Pie_2The first film was a big enough hit that we got a sequel.  This time there is no pact, the guys are back from their first year of college and get a summer house so they can party hard.  Pretty much all the girls are gone.  They make appearances, but they are brief.  So it is focused on the boys.  Kevin is feeling apprehensive that Vicky is off having lots of sex, even though he is not her boyfriend…but he is concerned because he has not had much sex since the first film. Oz is bummed by his long distance relationship with Heather.  Finch continues to be obsessed with Stifler’s Mom.

Jim is hoping to have sex with Nadia who is coming to visit him, and seeks the help of Michelle.  This is the real heart of the movie.  Michelle grows as a character who is sweet but blunt.  These scenes work the best.  But other than this, women exist only as fantasy in the film.  They are there to entertain men.  And the portrayal of some of the women suggests the writers do not know any.

Seriously, if a couple women in their underwear discovers a bunch of guys hiding in their bedroom, do you really believe their response would be “Let’s play a “sexy” game?)  No, I think it is safe to say they would be running to get help.  On the other hand, I totally believe the gag where Jim accidentally super-glues his hand to…himself.  That a guy might be that stupid is plausible to me.  That scene also allows for a Patented “Jim’s Dad Speech”.  Dad tries to defend his son, but admittedly makes it a bit worse.

But overall, this sequel is a bust.  Only the Jim/Michelle story works or is sympathetic, it is hard to care at all about the other characters.


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