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Baked Goods Part 8 (American Reunion, 2012)

And the franchise came full circle with the first theatrical release since American Wedding. Overseen by director Jon Hurwitz, (director of Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay), American Reunion completely ignores the films that came after American Wedding.  This was, of course a… Continue Reading “Baked Goods Part 8 (American Reunion, 2012)”

Baked Goods Part 3 (American Wedding, 2003)

American Wedding focuses heavily on the next step for Jim and Michelle, which was a wise move.  It’s secondary focus is on Stifler, which dominates the beginning of the film.  That is a very rough start. The scenes with Jim and Michelle work well. … Continue Reading “Baked Goods Part 3 (American Wedding, 2003)”

Baked Goods Part 2 (American Pie 2, 2001)

The first film was a big enough hit that we got a sequel.  This time there is no pact, the guys are back from their first year of college and get a summer house so they can party hard.  Pretty much all the girls… Continue Reading “Baked Goods Part 2 (American Pie 2, 2001)”

Baked Goods Part 1 (American Pie, 1999)

American Pie was a movie released promising to bring back the spirit of films Like Porky’s, Hot Dog, Ski School and Revenge of the Nerds.  They were going to push the boundaries, starting with the plot.  The plot is real simple.  Four buddies make… Continue Reading “Baked Goods Part 1 (American Pie, 1999)”