Look Out Around (Tremors II: Aftershocks, 1996)

tremors_2_aftershocksThe success of the first Tremors on home video led to this direct to video sequel.  Writer S.S. Wilson returns to the franchise as director for this sequel.  It turns out that the years after the first film have not been kind to Earl (Fred Ward) who blew through his money from Graboid fame, he has parted ways with Val.

A Graboid fan named Grady (Chris Gartin) has a line on a way to make money.  He convinces Earl to join him on an expedition to Mexico to catch Graboids causing a problem for an oil refinery.  There they meet and are helped by geologist Kate Reilly (Helen Shaver).

Rather than totally repeat the first film by having the characters deal with what they know, the film introduces a twist.  The Graboid is only a stage of life…eventually, a graboid will appear to be ill, and then a new creature is introduced.  This allows the team to have to learn all new rules in dealing with the threat.

The film also brings back Michael Gross’ Burt Gummer.  It is fun to have the character back, though it is missing something as Heather (played by Reba McEntire) was part of what made Burt likeable.  He and his wife were two peas in a pod.

Again, the effects work is strong in the film.  The twists introduced with the new monsters make for fun and excitement.  The movie does not quite live up to the first, but it is still enjoyable.

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