Tripping Through Gateways


Burt Gummer is back in the desolate town of Perfection. He is having tax problems, so when he is contacted by the daughter of Val and Rhonda (Kevin Bacon and Finn Carter’s characters from the first film) because their remote Alaskan research base is under Graboid attack, he and his Son Travis run off. It all has everyone perplexed, as there seems to be no explanation for the Graboids to be so… Read More

The Director of next year’s Kindergarten Cop 2 (Starring Dolph Lundgren!) brings us the newest installment.  Returning Burt Gummer to the front lines, he gets talked into going a South African Wildlife Reserve by his new cameraman Travis (Jamie Kennedy). Hijinks ensue. The film opts to not create a new cycle in the life of the graboid, instead we find that the graboids of the continent of Africa are quite different from… Read More

The fourth film (With S.S. Wilson Returning to direct) jumps back to 1889, with the founding of Rejection, Neveda.  This is the town that would become Perfection.  Michael Gross returns as the ancestor of Burt, Hiram Gummer. The town is under siege from young graboids, and it falls to Gummer to do something about it.  Unlike Burt, Hiram is an upper class guy.  He is a bit of a snob, but still… Read More

This film was directed by Brent Maddock, one of the other creators of the original film.  And as with the second film?  They try for a twist with another type of monster.  It is yet another stage in the life of the graboid. This time around, they make Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) the center of the film.  It makes sense, he was a popular character in the franchise.  The film also managed… Read More

The success of the first Tremors on home video led to this direct to video sequel.  Writer S.S. Wilson returns to the franchise as director for this sequel.  It turns out that the years after the first film have not been kind to Earl (Fred Ward) who blew through his money from Graboid fame, he has parted ways with Val. A Graboid fan named Grady (Chris Gartin) has a line on a… Read More

Kevin Bacon saw a slight slow down right before 1990…his career was not in the crapper, but his draw had lowered a bit.  And  so he was available for a low budget horror flick.  Mind you, it was more a comedy with a sci-fi angle.  Had the film gone for being outright scary?  This would be a failure. Instead, Director Ron Underwood (who followed Tremors up with City Slickers) opted to play… Read More