Aunt May’s Fountain of Youth

marisa_tomeiThe reports are coming out that Marisa Tomei is going to be Aunt May in the Spider-Man movies now.  Which just feels crazy.

Not because she is a bad actress.  Not because I dislike her.  I like her a lot and think she is talented. But you know…this is Aunt May…


aunt_mayShe is an older woman.  Now granted, they made her a bit less frail in the Ultimate Spider-Man Comics.  I appreciate and get that.  Old does not feel quite the same in my 40’s.  But when Sam Raimi made the first Spider-Man in 2002, Rosemary Harris was 75 at the time.  I loved Harris in all three of Raimi’s Spider-Man films.  She had a strength of spirit and a kindness, even though she was not physically imposing.aunt-may-harris

When they rebooted the franchise with the Amazing Spider-Man in 2012, Sally Field was 66.  I liked this casting, it put a slightly younger spin, but Aunt May was still advanced in age in comparison to Peter.


But Marisa Tomei is barely 51.  I mean, I guess it is not that crazy to think of a teen having an aunt in their 50’s…but for some reason this ongoing de-aging of Aunt May just feels…off.

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