What the Hell (The Omen IV: The Awakening, 1991)

the_Omen_4_posterSo…the Fox Network was in it’s infancy…and they were mining their properties for TV movies. And someone thought a brilliant idea was to remake the Omen…but eventually, we got a a sequel.

Now, mind you, the last film ended with Christ having returned to reign.  So, apparently the world never noticed and the world is still a crappy place. Attorneys Gene and Karen York happily adopt a young baby girl named Delia. After they leave, a young nun is racked with guilt and leaves her calling. Delia grow to come a wicked child. Then Karen starts to think her baby girl is psycho and hires a detective to find out where Delia really came from.

A bunch of people die in crazy events, then Karen realizes she is pregnant and the baby is the real antichrist…Delia was just it’s protector.

This film is pretty terrible. In an attempt to invert the original, the nanny is a new age girl who uses crystals and reads auras and stuff. She brings Delia to a New Age fair and things go nuts. It is such a goofier approach than the original film. The entire film is full of hammy acting and has a serious lack of drama or consequence. And it undoes the original trilogy entirely.

Okay, Michael Lerner’s detective’s death is crazy hilarious.

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