Speed Racers Pt 3 (the Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, 2006)

fast_and_furious_003_posterThe name is derived from a style of racing called Drifting.  It involves the driver over-steering and losing traction of the tires.  It is more elaborate than that, but I am not a car guy.  And that is pretty much all there is for a viewer in this film.  Some cool racing scenes with cool looking cars.

Tokyo Drift opts to leave the country and focus on people other than our previous regulars.  We follow white rich kid Sean who hopes to break into the Tokyo street racing scene, but finds it is tough, cause racism.

The film is a convoluted plot that involves the Yakuza and family drama and mean rich kids…but it never gels together.  The characters are not particularly interesting and therefore it becomes hard to not get bored when there is no racing.

Because that is one thing this film has…pretty cool looking race scenes.  But the film tends to feel overwhelmingly inconsequential, especially as part of a franchise.

That last line is kind of unfair, the film has a dramatic turn for the entire franchise, but that also creates a lot of confusion for the timeline of the series (a few of the films technically take place before Tokyo Drift).

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