The Bigger They Come Part 14 (Godzilla 2000, 1999)

Godzilla_2000_posterRight on the heels of the failed American-Zilla Toho answered back with…well, the most Traditional Godzilla they could imagine.  No computer generated lizard here (though, there are plenty of digital effects).  Just a good old man in a suit.  Unlike Godzilla 84, this is much lighter fare.

Godzilla 2000 follows a young photo-journalist who is forced by her editor to ride along with a father daughter team who run the GPN, or the Godzilla Prediction Network.  Apparently, Godzilla is as sort of predictable as thunderstorms.

Elsewhere, scientists are researching a large meteor found deep in the Japan Trench.  It turns out to be a spaceship which, once, raised to the surface comes back to life.  This culminates in a massive battle between Godzilla and the alien within.

After Godzilla 1984, the franchise went back to the more popular “Godzilla Fights Other Big Monsters” approach.  This pretty much works here.  The overall tone is light, with characters being over the top to silliness.  Generally, the effects work.  There are some moments that seem simple errors were made.  One specific example is as the GPN are fleeing Godzilla and the green screen effect makes it appear that Godzilla is growing larger and larger.

For what it is, Godzilla 2000 is a perfectly entertaining diversion.

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