The Bigger They Come Part 6 (Son of Kong, 1933)

Son-of-Kong-PosterKing Kong was quickly followed up by Son of Kong.

Song of Kong finds Carl Denham trying to avoid the public after the King Kong debacle.  He ends up returning to Skull Island.  He and a few companions get stranded there.  They discover a “pint sized” Kong.  Unlike the first film, this is not an adversarial relationship.  Instead, they befriend the mini-Kong.

While the effects are are up to par with the original, this is a far less memorable film.  There is a reason it is forgotten.  It is kind of a dull affair, in spite of attempts to recapture the original film’s excitement.

The cast is primarily new, except for the returning Robert Armstrong (Carl Denham), Frank Reicher (Capt. Englehorn) and Victor Wong (Charlie the Chinese Cook).  Son of Kong is a minor footnote in the Big Ape genre for certain.

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