Fear of Santa Claus Pt 11 (To All a Good Night, 1980)

to_all_posterLast House on the Left’s David Hess directed one movie.  And To All A Good Night tells you why his directing career began and ended with this film.

Two years after a tragic accident a person in a Santa suit goes around killing kids in an upscale girl’s prep school. It does not get much deeper than that.

The top billed actor in the film is Jennifer Runyan, most notable as the cute college student being tested for psychic powers at the beginning of Ghostbusters.  The characters are all rather uninspired and boring.  This presents a real problem, as it is hard to be all that interested in where the tale is going.  This is a very boring and poorly paced film.

And finally…the poster…there is nothing that says killer Santa movie.  It looks more like an alien themed sci-fi film or a supernatural thriller.

One thought on “Fear of Santa Claus Pt 11 (To All a Good Night, 1980)

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  1. That is indeed a weird poster. Kind of looks like when a publisher of a low-budget novel assigns arbitrary, generic cover art. And nothing says scary like a pair of twinkling eyes…


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