Fishies Pt 2 (Piranha II: The Spawning, 1981)

piranha_ii_spawning_posterSet in the Caribbean (though, no pirates) Piranha II: The Spawning is the story of Scuba Instructor, a police chief (her ex-husband) and a biochemist (her current boyfriend) trying to determine the cause of several gruesome deaths.

There are lots of people who are eaten by the Piranha…but there is a twist…apparently the piranha have mutated and can now fly.  Yes…fly.  They flap their fins and fly around.  In spite of this, the hotel manager refuses to cancel a beach side fish fry.  Because there is always one guy who refuses to listen to the people setting off the alarms.

Frankly, the film is pretty dull.  This is no fault of the cast (which includes Lance Henrikson in his sixteenth of 227 roles)…the concept just goes nowhere and it lacks any actual tension.

Piranha II was James Cameron’s first feature length film.  He was also fired.  His name remains as the director due to a contractual obligation that the film have an American director.  Cameron filmed the movie but was not allowed to cut it or see the footage.

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