The Beast of Love (Spring, 2014)

spring_posterEvan (Lou Taylor Pucci) is witnessing his life collapse…a friend suggest he pretty much run away, he runs off to Italy.  When he arrives in a small town, he fines himself drawn to Louise (Nadia Hilker), a beautiful resident.  She initially offers the promise of a fun night of sex, and keeps pushing Evan away when he asks for actual dates.  After a time she relents and they begin a fun relationship.  Louise has a dark and deep secret.

Spring is a romantic tale with horror elements.  When Evan discovers the dark reality of Louise, he is terrified, angry and yet still drawn to her.  As she tries to explain who and what she is, he is unwilling to hear it…but hen finds himself feeling the desire to continue on with her.  The film hinges on the time that follows changing Louis is one of two ways.  Either she will be made fully human…or she will become something new.  Will she truly love Evan?  Will she never love him and then place Evan in danger when she changes.

The film plays with the notion that she is something natural, rather than supernatural.  She is not any typical kind of monster, sometime she is reptilian, sometimes wolf like and so on.  It creates a unique mystery. The effects are primarily practical and look great.

Louise is alluring and mysterious. Hilker and Pucci have a real solid chemistry that draws the viewer in.  The visuals (filmed in Italy) are powerfully beautiful.  The settings that Louise and Evan traverse through are engaging on their own.

Directors Justin Benson (also the writer) and Aaron Moorhead are proving themselves skilled filmmakers who make strong films with genre touches that expand on the themes that are driving the film.  Their previous film is the critical but unseen Resolution.  Spring is a thoughtful romance that uses horror touches to explore the travails of growing love.

Finally, the film has a beautiful and simple score that is both hypnotic and emotional by Jimmy Lavalle.

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