So, I recently wrote about how some feared what the success of Deadpool meant for the future of comic book and superhero films.  And it looked like we were getting a glimpse of those fears being realized.  There was first the announcement that the Superman vs Batman Blu-Ray would have an ‘R-Rated’ edition.  Then they announced a go for the third Wolverine as an ‘R’.

There are reasons I think those were possible before Deadpool, but I think it did play at least a minor role.

However, proving that this may not be the trend it appeared to be, Marvel has announced they will not be making their Cinematic Universe a haven of ‘R-Rated’ super-hero films.  This is welcome news.  The Marvel Cinematic Universe has skewed comfortably PG-13.  They are not little kid safe…but older kids on up have been able to enjoy them.  Parents have been able to take older kids and teens and enjoy the films.  They were not to risqué (Guardians of the Galaxy pushed that envelope the most).

I am glad to see Marvel sticking to the plan, rather than being distracted by Deadpool dollars.

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