Boys and Ghouls Goes to the Movies Part 2 (Tales From the Crypt Presents Bordello of Blood, 1996)

TFtC_Bordello_PosterDemon Knight was received well enough to not deter the Tales From the Crypt Crew to keep on with their plan of a franchise with Bordello of Blood a year later.  The film had an all new story, though they included a tie to the last in that the magical macguffin is the “key” from the previous film.  But this time it is the only thing that can keep Lilith (Angie Everhart)  the Queen and Mother of All Vampires in check.

Bordello of Blood feels like a regular episode simply stretched to long and thin.  The little brother (Corey Feldman) of young Katherine Verdoux (Erika Eleniak) has disappeared.  She ends up enlisting skeevy P.I. Rafe Guttman (Dennis Miller in his first and really last leading role) to find her brother.  We viewers know he went to a new bordello (hint, it is the titular Bordello of Blood).  There we discovered that Lilith has apparently made a ton of attractive women into vampires who kill their customers.

Then there is a subplot involving Katherine’s employer.  She works for a megachurch televangelist named Reverend Current (he has an “electric” theme) played by Chris Sarandon.  He apparently employed man of adventure Vincent Prather (Phil Fondacaro in a role that is not all about his height, which is a nice surprise) to get Lilith for him.  So, the Preacher is controlling Lilith to be used in his battle against…Satan or…Something?

The film is more in line with the the TV series.  It has lots of slapstick type of jokes, gratuitous gore, and it has HBO’s trademarked “Tons O’ Nudity”.

According to one of the producers, Miller flat out stated he would not say any of the written dialog, instead making up his own, usually the day of.  If this is accurate at all, it only ended up hurting the film.  The jokes from everyone tend to fall flat. The plot makes little sense (What exactly does Reverend Current hope to accomplish with a vampire?!) and even by “Dumb Horror Film” standards, it is not entertaining even in a terrible way.

The characters are not particularly likable.  They are sleazy jerks, or in the case of Katherine, uptight and overly prudish.  Miller has his trademark snark in full display, but it works against him, because his character (technically our hero) is a real douche.

All the roles for women are based on being sexually desirable, which is frustrating, especially when you consider that in Demon Knight, character was more important and the roles for women were more substantial.

It is no surprise that the film franchise took a hit, and enough that the third movie was released with all hints of the franchise cut out.

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