Direct Sequel vs Kinda a Sequel

Zack Snyder has commented that in his mind, Batman V Superman is actually the Man of Steel Sequel.  There is a Man of Steel 2 on the Warner Brothers slate-with talk of George Miller directing (which would be exciting)-but Zak really feels this is the true follow-up.


And this feels like it is becoming an issue with both Marvel and DC films.

In the early days, the Marvel stand alone films were allowed to focus on the hero.  There might be a cameo, or a supporting role (Black Widow in Iron Man 2 and Captain America: The Winter Soldier).  But the films were primarily focused on the hero’s journey, while the larger Avengers story-line might be lightly hinted at.


But Captain America: Civil War seems to be suffering the same problem as Batman v Superman… so stuffed with heroes, it feels more like “Avengers: Infinity War-Prologue”.  They are feeling less like proper films in a franchise and more like the setup films.  Adding Spider-Man to Civil War only enhances that.

I kind of get what they are doing with Batman v Superman, because Warner Bros has been playing catch-up after trying to determine how to get that Avengers cash without totally looking like they are trying to copy the the actual Avengers formula.

So we are getting long movies full of heroes, all while they give less and less room for the title character.  Part of what I enjoyed about both Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy was they had connections to the greater shared universe they inhabit without losing their own spirit.

I worry both DC and Marvel will be making it near impossible to allow even their solo movies to be focused on the hero whose name occupies the Title Card.

2 thoughts on “Direct Sequel vs Kinda a Sequel

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  1. I think any comic or movie that slings a bunch of characters together is a hasty effort to get more bang for the buck by appealing to fans of all the different parts at once. You like this guy? Wait, I will add him, too. It’s amazing anyone can hold the lot and a decent plot together.

    It’s why I never got into the team comics to begin with. I, too, am more of the solo hero story guy. Yet, when you think about it…if you think about it…you eventually ask, “Wouldn’t some of these characters cross paths eventually?”

    But, I still say movie makers just find it easier to lob heroes together than try to sell a dozen films for each one.


  2. I do not necessarily have a problem with team books or movies…but I would like it if the solo movies were focused on the lead and their supporting cast. Having Falcon and Black Widow is one thing…but having practically everyone from the upcoming movies makes the solo films unable to focus on character the way I suspect you and I would like for them to.


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