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Pokémon Is a Mystery (Pokémon Detective Pikachu, 2019)

I will be honest…I went into this film knowing very little. Pokémon rose to prominence at a time where it passed me right by. So, I sat in the theater basically knowing that Pokémon are super powered animal things that people catch or somethings.… Continue Reading “Pokémon Is a Mystery (Pokémon Detective Pikachu, 2019)”

Look Ma! A Sequel! (Deadpool 2, 2018)

Okay….before I write up this review…give me a moment to go check out Twitter to find out how I should really feel about Deadpool.           Okay.  Well… let us try this as spoiler free as possible.  First, I cannot believe… Continue Reading “Look Ma! A Sequel! (Deadpool 2, 2018)”

You Take the Good, Take the Bad (Life, 2017)

A sci-fi thriller set aboard the International Space-station, Life is a competent film.  The effects are good enough to allow for suspension of disbelief.  The cast  is quite likeable.  The story is uncomplicated. A research team discovers a life form in soil samples from… Continue Reading “You Take the Good, Take the Bad (Life, 2017)”

It Ain’t Easy Being Green (Green Lantern, 2011)

Two years before the Man of Steel, Warner Brothers had an opportunity to start building their cinematic universe.  In simple ways, they could have started building.  Hints of a bigger universe…start introducing characters who could cross the films.  I have talked about the missed… Continue Reading “It Ain’t Easy Being Green (Green Lantern, 2011)”

Lil’ Wolverine (X-Men Origins: Wolverine,2009)

No doubt, the fan favorite of of the X-Men films was the comics fan favorite Wolverine.  Hugh Jackman held his own with some top talent in those first two films… a solo Wolverine film was kind of a no-brainer.  And putting it in the… Continue Reading “Lil’ Wolverine (X-Men Origins: Wolverine,2009)”

Four or Five Moments (Deadpool, 2016)

Tim Miller’s Deadpool is hilarious and fun.  A darkly comic take that brings the pages to life by simply understanding the character.  The movie is also extremely crass, full of over the top cartoonish violence, raunchy humor, some nudity and plenty of profanity.  This… Continue Reading “Four or Five Moments (Deadpool, 2016)”

Green Flashes

I had not paid attention to this before…but I realized this week, some of the same people that gave us the Ryan Reynold’s Green Lantern brought us Arrow, Flash, Supergirl.  This includes Greg Berlanti and Marc Guggenheim.  And I have to say, in some… Continue Reading “Green Flashes”

Early Reports of Death

The early reports from folks who have seen Deadpool are coming in, and they are quite positive.  Deadpool is a film that exists predominantly due to the fact that fans (and that includes Ryan Reynolds) want it really bad, like really bad. And yet,… Continue Reading “Early Reports of Death”