Tripping Through Gateways


Looking at the basics? The Exorcist II seems like it could be a winner. Returning cast members, an established director and dependable new cast members… And yet? Father Lamont is in Rio. He is struggling with his faith, and attempts to exorcise a demon from a young woman, but he fails and she kills herself. When he returns to the United States, the Diocese assigns him to investigate the death of Father… Read More

It is hard to come into the Exorcist without preconceived notions. The stories of people vomiting or running out of the theater in terror may even set some people up for disappointment. On an archeological dig Father Merrin discovers some rare and mysterious artifacts.  He suspects this is a portent of coming evil. Elsewhere, Young Regan lives with her mother, a well known actress. Regan is exhibiting strange behaviors, and at first,… Read More

After the prequels, Star Wars appeared to be…well, complete.  Lucas was no longer talking about a third trilogy.  All had gone quiet on that front.  Instead, Star Wars thrived in animated fare like the Cone Wars cartoon and in comic books through Dark Horse. Dark Horse had even started a Canon series that took place between a New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. But then, in 2012, came a very unexpected announcement. … Read More

Conan the Barbarian has conquered a lot of mediums.  Books, comic books, television…but I think it is hardly an exaggeration to say that the Arnold Schwarzeneggar films heavily defined the public’s perception of the character. As a young boy, Conan’s family is slaughtered by a snake cult led by Darth Vader’s voice. Thulsa Doom lets his men sell young Conan into slavery.  Conan grows up to be super strong, going from slave… Read More

Somebody looked at Sylvester Stallone’s chin and declared him perfect for the role of iconic British comic book character Judge Dredd.  And they were not wrong: (I know I already showed this…but it seems relevant for the review) Anyhow, looking for a story, the filmmakers thought the best approach was to tell it through the eyes of SNL alum Rob Schneider.  He is an ex-convict returning home who gets caught in the… Read More