Tripping Through Gateways


When Dimension realized they were about to lose the rights to Hellraiser, well that called for a sequel.  Revelations is, admittedly, very clearly meant to be a Hellraiser sequel. It brings back a lot of the imagery and general atmosphere of the first few films. It is all a masquerade though. The film begins with a found footage sequence in which Nico and his buddy Steven are on their way too Mexico… Read More

So, in the Mummy Returns, the Scorpion King is a threat to the world, a servant of Anubis.  In this prequel, set well before that part of the story, the Scorpion King is more the underdog hero, seeking vengeance on the King responsible for the death of his brother. Mathayus is a mercenary hired by free tribes to kill a sorcerer who works for the evil King Memnon.  The mission goes awry… Read More