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Boldly Going Pt 10 (Star Trek: Nemesis, 2002)

So, after the disappointing returns the studio brought in the director of Executive Decision, Stuart Baird, and John Logan, the screen writer of the Time Machine. The Romulans are in turmoil and during a high level meeting of their government, there is an assassination… Continue Reading “Boldly Going Pt 10 (Star Trek: Nemesis, 2002)”

Boldly Going Pt 9 (Star Trek: Insurrection, 1998)

After a rousing success with First Contact, Jonathan Frakes returned to the directors chair with Insurrection. When Data goes haywire as part of an undercover science team observing a small community on a remote planet, the Enterprise is called to investigate. When they arrive,… Continue Reading “Boldly Going Pt 9 (Star Trek: Insurrection, 1998)”

Boldly Going Pt 8 (Star Trek: First Contact, 1996)

For the Sophomore voyage of the Next Generation crew, they pulled a Wrath of Khan and a Voyage Home.  They reached back to a central villain from the the series, the Borg, and added time travel. Picard is still haunted by a voice from… Continue Reading “Boldly Going Pt 8 (Star Trek: First Contact, 1996)”

Boldly Going Pt 7 (Star Trek: Generations, 1994)

Coming only a few months after the Next Generation series came to a close, Generations was to be the film to bridge the original series and the Next Generation. And there was a hope that it might bring together both crews in an exciting… Continue Reading “Boldly Going Pt 7 (Star Trek: Generations, 1994)”

Space Suckin’ (Lifeforce, 1985)

When I planned this post, Tobe was still with us. In October, I will be exploring some other Hooper films.  But my thoughts go out to Hooper’s friends and family. Set in 1985, the international space shuttle the Churchill is observing Halley’s Comet.  They… Continue Reading “Space Suckin’ (Lifeforce, 1985)”

Breaking Down (Logan, 2017)

First things first.  You might figure this is a super-hero movie and safe for kids.  Logan is a hard ‘R’ and earns it in the first five minutes. It has been known for quite some time that this was Jackman’s swan song.  Seventeen years… Continue Reading “Breaking Down (Logan, 2017)”

Green Room Serenade (Green Room, 2016)

Green Room is one of Anton Yelchin’s final films.  The story is simple.  Pat and his friends are in a punk band.  When their show falls through, they get a new gig in a remote club.  They discover it is a Neo-Nazi bar.  When… Continue Reading “Green Room Serenade (Green Room, 2016)”

Back to the Future (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 2014)

Days of Future Past is a well loved storyline where Kitty Pryde is thrust into a future where Mutants are herded in camps, marked and in some cases killed.  They are hunted by giant robots called Sentinels.  And for the most part, Days of… Continue Reading “Back to the Future (X-Men: Days of Future Past, 2014)”

Gene Splicing (X3:The Last Stand, 2006)

X-2 was how you build upon a decent movie to make a great second film creating excitement for your franchise.  Annnnnnd this one is how you screw it up. It all starts with Warner Brothers deciding that their superhero films were missing a vital… Continue Reading “Gene Splicing (X3:The Last Stand, 2006)”

Gene Therapy (X2:X-Men United, 2003)

While it had it’s flaws, X-Men was a solid enough success to warrant a sequel.  X-Men 2 went into production under Singer’s guidance.  You do not fix what is not broke after all.  And Singer got people excited by suggesting this was going to… Continue Reading “Gene Therapy (X2:X-Men United, 2003)”