Tag: Lakeith Stanfield

Uncut Tension (Uncut Gems, 2019)

Adam Sandler plays Howard, a man with a once thriving business as a jeweler whose gambling addiction has brought his life to a stressful ruin.  When he acquires a gem worth millions, that he plans to auction off, life spirals even farther out of… Continue Reading “Uncut Tension (Uncut Gems, 2019)”

Take a Stab At It (Knives Out, 2019)

Famous Crime novelist Walter Thrombey is found dead after his birthday party. At first, declared a suicide, famous detective Benoit Blanc arrives and sees possible suspects in every member of his family. Caught up in it all is his nurse Marta who may have… Continue Reading “Take a Stab At It (Knives Out, 2019)”

Modern Problems (Sorry to Bother You, 2018)

Cassious (Cash to his friends) Green is just hoping to get a job, though he fears his life will never amount to anything at all. He wants his life to mean something. He rises up to be a top telemarketer and then is faced… Continue Reading “Modern Problems (Sorry to Bother You, 2018)”

Taking Notes (Death Note, 2017)

Meet Light Turner.  He is in high school and frustrated by bullies.  He is also angry that the drunk driver who killed his mother walked.  One day, a notebook falls from the sky.  It is full of rules, and comes with great power.  Oh…and… Continue Reading “Taking Notes (Death Note, 2017)”