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Fast Cars and Overheating Egos (Ford Vs Ferrari, 2019)

I confess…the subject of the film is not close to my heart. Cars are a utilitarian tool for me. So, I confess, the trailers did not excite me much. Damon and Bale are pretty proven variables…and Mangold has shown himself to be a skilled… Continue Reading “Fast Cars and Overheating Egos (Ford Vs Ferrari, 2019)”

A Time For Grief, A Time for Theft (Widows, 2018)

Veronica, Linda and Alice have lost their husbands in a tragedy. They discover their husbands were professional thieves. To add to their grief, they find their lives under siege, specifically from Jamal Manning.  While he is running for public office, Manning is also a… Continue Reading “A Time For Grief, A Time for Theft (Widows, 2018)”

Live Fast (Baby Driver, 2017)

Director Edgar Wright is known for his playing with genres, usually via comedy.  He has tackled action films through Hot Fuzz, horror through Shaun of the Dead and Sci-Fi with The World’s End.  He was long attached to Marvel’s Ant Man (going back before… Continue Reading “Live Fast (Baby Driver, 2017)”