Tripping Through Gateways


So, God has lost faith in humanity and is going to go all “Noah’s Ark” on humanities ass…except there is no plan to save anyone. But one angel, Michael, feels in his heart that God is wrong and decides he must intervene. So, he comes to Earth to get some guns. At a remote diner, Charlie is pregnant with humanity’s only hope. Soon the diner and it’s occupants are under siege by… Read More

Jaws 3-D was almost titled National Lampoon’s Jaws 3, People Zero…or so the story goes.  Spielberg apparently nixed the idea.  Instead, we got Jaws 3-D.  Set years after the second film, Mike Brody works for Sea World and is dating marine biologist Kay.  His little brother Sean comes in for a visit and becomes smitten with Kelly, a Sea World Performer. Sea World is preparing to unveil its new Undersea Kingdom…a sprawling… Read More

In the future, mankind has colonized space, but this has brought fresh dangers.  Mankind is at war with a reptilian race called the Draks.   During a firefight Earthling pilot, Willis and Drak pilot Jeriba find themselves stranded together on a hostile planet. The two mortal enemies find themselves in a situation that requires cooperation to survive. Willis and Jeriba (who Willis refers to as Jerry) slowly build a bond, and as… Read More