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A Wrench In Time (The Terminator, 1984)

In 1984, James Cameron was a genre vet, but not quite the guy we think of.  He had no mega-hits…yet. Cameron came up out of the Corman school and made his names with technical and special effects….especially stretching the low budget effects. His one… Continue Reading “A Wrench In Time (The Terminator, 1984)”

In Their Prime (Tombstone, 1993)

Wyatt Earp arrives with his wife Mattie in the town of Tombstone during the silver boom.  He meets with his brothers Virgil and Morgan and their wives.  Shortly after taking over work in the local saloon running the poker table, his friend Doc Holliday… Continue Reading “In Their Prime (Tombstone, 1993)”

Round and Round (The Circle, 2017)

The Circle asks the question: What if Google Were an Evil All Seeing Corporation? (And somebody responds… “IF??”) Emma Watson is Mae, a young woman who dreams of being more than another faceless customer service rep.  Her friend gets her an interview with the… Continue Reading “Round and Round (The Circle, 2017)”

The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 8 (Predator 2, 1990)

Directed by Stephen Hopkins (Lost In Space, Nightmare on Elm Street 5 and Race), Predator 2 is an attempt at being very different.  Instead of a jungle, we are in “the Concrete Jungle”.  Instead of a heavily muscled soldier, we have have a team… Continue Reading “The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 8 (Predator 2, 1990)”

The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 2 (Aliens, 1986)

About seven years after Alien, hotshot director James Cameron brought the franchise roaring back to life.  Rather than make a generic sequel, Cameron made a bold choice.  The first film was a haunted house movie, Cameron opted to make a war movie. Ripley is… Continue Reading “The Hunter or the Hunted? Pt 2 (Aliens, 1986)”

We Belong To The Night (Nightcrawler, 2014)

Jake Gyllenhaal is lowlife Louis Bloom.  He makes his living stealing and pawning stuff.  He is also not above harming people to get out of situations.  One night he discovers Joe Loder…a camera man who patrols the night for accidents, murders and other tragedies… Continue Reading “We Belong To The Night (Nightcrawler, 2014)”

Science Gone Mad Part 2 (Wierd Science, 1985)

John Hughes’ juvenile take on Mary Poppins and genies should really be more problematic than it often is. Released in 1985, the film pandered to boyish nerd fantasies.  It focuses on downtrodden super nerds Wyatt and Gary.  Both are obsessed with girls while being… Continue Reading “Science Gone Mad Part 2 (Wierd Science, 1985)”